Me a model?

Me a model?

Ever since I moved to Korea in March 2012 I’ve been occasionally asked if I am a model. Now let me be clear, I don’t think I’m ugly or have bad self esteem, however I never considered myself the level of perfected gorgeousness that it takes to be a real model. Well that and I loooove food. Seriously, ask my boyfriend. However, from time to time photographer friends who are trying to get on their feet would ask me to model for free in exchange for a day of dress up with hair and makeup. What woman would refuse that ? So that’s what I did recently for a group called Oorijeong. Oorijeong is a creative collective starting in Seoul that brings artists, models, photographers, dancers, actors, you name it together to make something beautiful. Honestly, I’m delighted just to be a part of it all. I got there and they had 4 looks with different hair, makeup, and clothes for each one. I wasn’t too excited about some of the hair teasing that took place for look number three, but the pictures turned out beautifully so I really couldn’t be happier. It also helped that the photographer is my boyfriend so even the awkward poses I had to do with the male model were less intimidating with him behind the lens saying it’s ok go ahead and lean your head on his shoulder. 😛 Anyway, I think the photos turned out beautifully, even before I photoshopped them. Hey, my degree was in advertising after all… Anyway here’s one. What do you think?


How to Meet People in Korea Part 3

This is my latest video from my youtube channel about how to meet people in Korea. I’ve been doing these kinds of videos ever since I moved here in March last year and I think I’m getting better (ever so slowly). If you haven’t checked them out yet go ahead. I hope you like this one!

From tumblr to wordpress, I’m moving on.

So on my tumblr lately I’ve mostly just been posting gifs about living in Korea. I love doing this and don’t plan on stopping that now, but I want this blog to fill in the gaps between my cute and simple gifs, and my lengthy and expressive youtube videos. This will be the in betweens of living my life here and what I do while I teach, travel, and learn in Korea. Here’s to new beginnings, love your faces lovelies! ❤

Hello world!

I’m a Southern girl about to embark on my first ever journey outside of the USA! I’ll be living and teaching in South Korea for 1 year. It’s a dream I have had for a couple of years now and I can’t believe it’s actually happening. That being said I want to document my year starting now. I think first things first though is for me to say goodbye to what I’ve called home for the past 22 years. Here goes…