Photoshop Level: Korean

Photoshop Level: Korean

My co teacher showed me my school’s yearbook recently. When I found my picture I couldn’t help but notice I had been photoshopped to the nines. I’m pretty sure I don’t even have pores anymore. My coteacher said I look like my normal self and very pretty, but to me my face had creepy doll like look.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE photoshop. I took a college course on it in high school for fun and I never looked back! It’s amazing for when you had a horrible zit on prom night, something was in your teeth for graduation, or you just want to look like you sleep on a regular basis.

I was trained to take natural beauty and enhance it in a natural way. Koreans don’t agree with me on this though. For example, the other day I went to the bank and above each teller is a sign with their name and their bank id picture. Every single picture was photoshopped. We aren’t even talking the pore removing airbrushing in my yearbook pic either. I’m talking jaws were smoothed and shaved to look more triangular and small. Noses are lightened and liquefied to add height. I guess the pictures looked like the actual tellers below, if they were on an episode of extreme Korean makeover.

After talking to some Korean friends I realized tons of official photo ids in Korea are photoshopped. A friend from LG showed me his work id and his extremely square chin was suddenly softer, pointier, and more V like. He’s an electrical engineer, and yet somehow his work thought it was important to whitened his skin in his ID as well.  You know because that will make him work harder…or something…

Drivers licenses are routinely photoshopped as well. In America they won’t even let you look at your picture before they print and they usually take one. Koreans however will make absolutely sure they are showing their best face to the police officer about to give them a ticket, even if it isn’t their real face. I guess I can’t be too surprised. What do you expect from the country that requires a picture with every job application and has the highest plastic surgery per person rate of any country?

Ohhhhh Korea. You both amuse and disappoint me sometimes, but at least you keep it interesting and for that I love you.

4 thoughts on “Photoshop Level: Korean

  1. WangKon936 says:

    Koreans care a lot about appearance due to Neo-Confucianism, which say that individuals must put their best foot forward at all times. It’s been interpreted in the modern world as leading not with your “foot” per se, but with your face.

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