From COEX to Bongeunsa Temple

From COEX to Bongeunsa Temple

I started off my day today thinking I would just go to the COEX mall at Samseong Station and window shop. Maybe I would even go to the aquarium? However, after living in Korea for almost a year I’ve come to the conclusion that shopping here is pretty universal. If you’ve shopped in one place you’ve shopped in them all (give or take a price or two). Well that and the aquarium was almost 20,000W per person! Eventually my boyfriend and I got bored and wandered outside where we saw a huge Buddha statue in the distance. Being the curious foreigners that we are we set off to investigate and found this free Buddhist temple called Bongeunsa Temple. This temple is over 1,200 years old! The structures were beautiful with lanterns decorating the insides of most of them. They even had a friendly temple cat that wandered by outside the temples and meowed until someone would pet him. So cute. Sometimes Korea really amazes me though. Where else could you find a beautiful 1,200 year old Buddhist temple right across the street from Asia’s biggest underground shopping mall? I ❤ Korea.


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