My boyfriend’s hair is PURPLE!!!

My boyfriend's hair is PURPLE!!!

I’m at this salon in Beomgye that has become a recent favorite of mine. It’s called HairPlanet O.D.A. I kind of stumbled upon it when I was too lazy to go to my usual Juno Hair Salon in Gangnam and luckily for me they are super friendly and the head stylist speaks English! Plus it’s waaay closer to where I actually live which is a relief. Anyway, when I first came in a few weeks ago for my haircut I asked them if they could dye my boyfriend’s hair (typical asian black/brown hair) to light purple and he said sure. Well today we put them to the test as we just walked in and said hey, remember us? Dye his hair purple please! I’ve been taking pictures and documenting the whole thing (soon to come when he’s finished I’ll post them as a group on tumblr and give you the link for you all to see. Right now he’s still going from black to blonde and about to start his purple transformation. I’m so excited! Side note, the sweethearts here saw me off to the side chilling (been here 2 hours already because it’s a long process) and offered to give me a couple free purple and blue highlight extensions so he and I can match. How could i refuse? So now I have one dark blue and one light purple streak in my hair and my boyfriend is about an hour or two away from a whole head of bright purple hair. I guess you could say we aren’t the conventional couple, but at least we’ll match. Hey, if the adjummas were going to glare at us anyway we might as well go big or go home! ❤ Korea forever!


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